Patton Oswalt Shares Anthony Bourdain’s Incredibly Frank Email Offering Advice For Dining In Paris

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was best-known for his brash honesty and bold, adventurous palate. 

In a post on Twitter on Sunday, comedian Patton Oswalt offered up a quintessentially Bourdain example of that no-nonsense brand of integrity, when he tweeted the advice Bourdain had given him for his honeymoon trip to Paris just last year. 

Oswalt and his new bride were in the midst of planning their honeymoon when he decided to reach out to Bourdain for feedback on the list of things friends and family had recommended.

And Bourdain did not hold back:

Bourdain’s reply was short, direct, and just a little bit salty:

  I’m a fan and an admirer so gotta tell you this is no way to enjoy Paris. F*** them. All of them. 

Oswalt’s tweet was a warm remembrance of a the author, chef, and globetrotting travel series host we came to love, after he was shockingly found dead last Friday in France due to an apparent suicide. 

Fans responded with their own remembrances of how Bourdain touched their lives:

Some had advice for how to best preserve Bourdain’s advice:

RIP Anthony Bourdain.

H/T: Twitter