The Rebranded ‘IHOb’ Finally Reveals What the ‘b’ Stands For—And It Isn’t Going Over So Well

Seems with all the carb cutting going on in Americans’ diets, our beloved breakfast of pancakes just isn’t doing it for people anymore. 

So what do you do if your entire business model’s premise is that everyone loves pancakes? If you’re International House of Pancakes, you shake things up in a big way.

Last week IHOP announced they were rebranding, changing their name to IHOb. What did the b stand for?

Internet sleuths were on the case:

After a bit of a wait, the new IHOb announced what the “b” actually stand for.

And yeah, no one guessed this one: 

Wait, what? Burgers?

The internet had opinions:

Bring back the pancakes!

But don’t fret, it seems the change is temporary, a marketing ploy to announce a new burger line. 

Our beloved “P” for pancake will return in good time. 

Here’s an idea we could support, because one can never have enough avocado toast.

Even Chili’s stepped in to throw some shade at this new campaign. 

Well played.

H/T: Forbes