Alicia Silverstone Explains How She Wound Up With Donald Trump’s Phone Number ????

Alicia Silverstone isn’t a name that pops up in headlines too often, but when she does, it’s usually for a story you want to sit down and listen to. Her most recent anecdote? How she wound up with the president’s phone number in her phone.  

It was all before Donald Trump decided to run for president – about a decade prior, and while one could only imagine why Trump was sure to give the Clueless actress his number, the reason isn’t quite what you would think.

During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Silverstone first started off explaining the moment she became a vegetarian, leading to her current belief as a vegan. Then the interview turned to her meeting with Donald Trump as an ecoadvisor.

According to Silverstone, while on a daytime talk show discussing solar panels, Trump took an interest in her platform and offered to meet the actress. Silverstone describes a pleasant meeting with the future president, stating “it was worth it to take the meeting because if I could get him to have every building have solar panels on it, wouldn’t that be a great accomplishment.”

While the meeting went well, Silverstone believes Trump ultimately decided against adding solar panels, saying he was “very concerned about the financial aspect of it.” Before moving on to her new show, American Woman, Silverstone confirms that she still has Trump’s phone number in her phone. Whether it still works or not is a curiosity we’d all like answered.

So, that’s how the star of Clueless had a meeting with billionaire and heartthrob Donald J. Trump. It may not be the juicy ending you expected, but it’s at least it’s a fun story about Trump that doesn’t end with a lawsuit and sexual harassment charges.

H/T: Mashable