Actor Shares Powerful Story Of How Writing A Letter To Steven Spielberg Changed His Life

Sometimes, all it takes is a letter. 

On Monday, Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary, actor Andrew Briedis took to Twitter to share how one letter led to a fulfilling acting career. And yes, Jurassic Park is relevant to the story. 

The mind behind the Annoying Actor Friend satirical personality decided to share the story behind the baby velociraptor tattoo on his leg. It’s not just any velociraptor design, however. It was inspired by Stan Winston’s original art for the film 

Briedis, like so many others, saw Jurassic Park as a kid, but as he explains, it was during a time when he was trying to find something to fit into. Having just quit sports, his mother “wanted to get me interested in literally anything because I had all of this energy and nowhere to put it,” Briedis states. Though when his mother suggested he audition for a play, he shrugged the idea off. 

After watching the Spielberg dinosaur thriller, a young Briedis became what some would call jealous over the fact that he wasn’t a star in the film. “I spent the summer of 1993 crying my eyes out and ruining our family trip because I was so pissed I wasn’t in Jurassic Park.”

As Briedis puts it, it was his first experience knowing what it was like not being a part of something he loved, but he went to see Jurassic nine times during its theatrical run. Eventually, Mother Briedis, likely having had enough of her son’s whinging about not being in Joseph Mazzello’s shoes, suggested he write to Steven Spielberg if he so badly wanted to be a part of the Jurassic experience.

So, he did. His mother obtained Spielberg’s production company’s address – keeping in mind this was before “Googling” something was a thing – and he scribbled out a letter to the Oscar-winning director.

To his surprise, Amblin Entertainment, Spielberg’s production company at the time, responded.

It was this letter that ultimately led to him taking that audition his mother suggested, starting his career as an actor. 

As for the raptor tattoo? It’s just a reminder of his first major life lesson – one that landed him at the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

 One may think the production company is the hero of this story, but as always, it’s good ‘ole mom. 

H/T: Twitter