Memphis Grandmother Arrested After Being Caught On Video Transporting Her Grandkids In Dog Crates

A woman in Memphis, Tennessee was caught on video releasing her grandchildren out of dog kennels in the back of an SUV. Leimome Cheeks, 62, was later charged with two counts of child endangerment after a stranger happened to catch the scene as they passed by.

Police reports say that the two children–a 7-year-old and an 8-year-old–were kept in the kennels as Cheeks drove around town with temperatures reached above 95 degrees inside the Ford Explorer. 

According to the report Cheeks claims there wasn’t room in the car so she told the children to get in the kennels. Cheeks posted the $100 bond and is expected back in court on Monday. Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services is now involved and investigating the situation.  

You can watch the disturbing video below:

As you can imagine, most people found the video incredibly disturbing. 

People were also not buying the “no room” excuse. 

But shockingly there were people willing to make excuses. 

Those excuses were quickly shot down. 

No excuse for treating children this way.

H/T: ABC News