Jim Parsons Believes His Success Is Largely Due To Britney Spears—And We Totally Get It

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Monday on The Tonight Show, Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons spilled the tea on his “special connection” to Britney Spears and tongue-in-cheek crediting her with his success.

Parsons, who recently received a GLAAD Media Award for being what he termed “a good gay,” detailed how he thanked Spears in his speech (she was also at the event receiving an award that night) for helping to inspire and focus him for his grad school auditions back in the 90s. Parsons noted that he did, indeed, get into grad school, in part, he believes, as a result of that inspiration 

  …and I eventually got a career. So I give a lot of credit for my acting career to Britney.

You can watch the hilarious clip below for yourself:

Fans were delighted to hear it:

Parsons said that there was just something about Spears’ pigtailed dance in that school hallway wearing “that Catholic school girl uniform” that was perfect for him.

  Something about that song, and especially that video, really worked for me. Obviously not in a sexual way ― I’m a good gay! But there was something inspirational.

And we totally get it:

Here’s Parsons’ Britney speech from the GLAAD Awards: 

H/T: Huffington Post, YouTube