Dennis Rodman Legit Cried During A Bizarre Interview About The Trump-Kim Summit

While political analysts try to decipher what just happened at the Trump-Kim summit, wherein North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un walked away with Trump’s assurance that the U.S. “would stop military exercises with South Korea,” in exchange for…well, nothing, former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman could be seen weeping about the meeting in an interview with CNN‘s Chris Cuomo.

Wearing oversized dark sunglasses, a red Trump campaign MAGA hat, and a PotCoin shirt promoting his cryptocurrency sponsor, Rodman sidestepped whether or not his “friend” Kim Jong Un could, in fact, speak English or not and completely ignored Cuomo’s allusion to “the record of human rights abuses and other practices of this despotic regime,” all while detailing his trials and tribulations in his role as friend to North Korean dictator, Kim.

The resulting interview was, frankly, bizarre:

Watch Rodman’s tear-filled the video here:

The people of Twitter were NOT impressed with Rodman’s politics:

And there was a quick reminder of a presidential tweet…

Mostly though, people were just captivated by the whole car-wreck-rubber-necking aspect of it all:

Apparently, Cuomo did a very bad job at hiding his thoughts on the matter during the interview…

In the end, most of us were just left wondering:

H/T: Twitter, Mashable