FBI Agent Who Accidentally Shot A Man After Backflipping On The Dance Floor Has Been Charged

Imagine going through an intense mentally and physically challenging selection process, passing the background check, and completing 20+ weeks of training at the elite U.S. Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia where you learned investigative techniques, firearms and tactical driving training, survival skills and defensive tactics and after graduating from that training and swearing to “protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” all to become part of the “world’s premier law enforcement agency—you blew it all in an instant because you wanted to show-off your mad dance skills.

That’s what happened to off-duty FBI agent, Chase Bishop, who unintentionally shot a bystander, while taking center stage on the dance floor of a Denver bar to flex his sweet, sweet dance moves—including a super impressive backflip. 

The shooting which is currently still under investigation by Denver Police has left Bishop charged with second-degree assault.

Bishop turned himself 10 days after a video of the incident that occurred on Saturday June 2nd at the Mile High Spirits and Distillery bar in Denver. It went viral on Sunday, June 3rd. 

The victim, a fellow bar patron and spectator, was wounded by the agent’s bullet penetrating his lower leg, sustaining what the Denver Police Department said was a “non-life-threatening injury.” 

Yahoo News reports that Bishop was questioned by police and released to a Federal Bureau of Investigations supervisor. On Tuesday, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann charged the 29-year-old agent with second-degree assault. 

Bishop is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday for a hearing, where according to the District Attorney’s office:

  Additional charges may be filed based on the results of a pending blood alcohol content analysis.

And now, through the proliferation of cell phones and the magic of the internet, you can see it all happen for yourself in the clip that went viral:

There has currently been no statement from the FBI as to Bishop’s status with the agency. But people had opinions…

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