A Request For People To Photoshop A Honeymoon Photo Yielded Some Creative Results 😂

YouTube star Jack Douglass, best known for his channel jacksfilms, recently tied the knot with his fiance, Erin, and took the opportunity to give his fans a project. In a tweet of a picture from his honeymoon, Jack provided a transparent .png image of he and his beau and coyly suggested people use it to their creative hearts’ content.

 The response was as expected – a flurry of photoshopped images, some with a simple background replacement, others with a little more creativity and skill thrown in. For instance, one submission sent Jack and Erin on a trek to the Eye of Sauron while another gave Erin the “Thanos treatment.”

Someone sent the lovely couple on a breakfast at the newly branded IHOB. Or maybe for burgers? Who knows anymore.

While another responded by throwing them into the fray of a Fornite battle royale.

The worst punishment of them all, however, came from Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (themicmacmarco), who put them in the middle of a Jake Paul appearance. That’s just cruel.

Then again, Jack may not have appreciated being sent to see the Emoji Movie again.

At least one user decided to alter the request  and, rather than Photoshop the location, did a terrible, terrible thing to poor Erin.

Allowing the internet to Photoshop you and your loved one is usually asking for trouble, but in this case, the humor was light and fun and it gave people like Amanda (@kajdance1) the opportunity to show off their skills in a mini Photoshop portfolio

There were so many submissions, but our favorite has to also be one of the darkest.

No, it’s not the best photoshop work, but Twitter user -marina (@howellsfilms) saw an opportunity for gold and went for it.

H/T: Twitter