George Lucas Revealed What His ‘Star Wars’ Sequels Would’ve Been About—And Fans Are Divided

UK Website Den of Geek ran a story today called George Lucas on his Star Wars sequels that never were based on the “eagle-eyed” assertions of a Twitter user’s post. In it, DoG asserts that Lucas had indeed begun sussing out his sequels but with plans to go smaller not bigger. And we mean a lot smaller—like characters one millionth the size of the current ones.

In a Twitter post dated June 11th, Artist and presumed Star Wars fan Livio Ramdondelli, points out the clues he found in a companion book for the TV show James Cameron’s Story Of Science Fiction (currently playing in the US on AMC).

While most fans are familiar with the Lucas the lore that he had already begun to develop his own sequel trilogy BEFORE he sold the franchise to Disney (those ideas were ultimately rejected by the studio), most fans have been heretofore been left in the dark as to the details of those plans.

Here’s Livio’s proof of Lucas’ plans for Star Wars sequel “microbiotic” domination: 

In the screenshot, Lucas is quoted as predicting that fans would have “…hated it, just like they did Phantom Menace and everything,” and it appears he may not have been too far off the mark.

Though many fans actually came to Lucas’ defense, even invoking the words of Mark Hamill to make their case and wishing to have seen the “Whill” of the creator win out:

Some even knew the history of the “Whills” predating the internet:  

Some had feelings that were pragmatically torn:

In the end, it is what it is.

H/T: Twitter, Den of Geek