This Stressful Saga Of A Raccoon Stuck On A Skyscraper Has Minnesotans Riveted

A wild raccoon, dubbed the#mprraccoon, was said to likely be looking for food in a lower skyway when it became stranded on the 25-story UBS building in St. Paul, Minnesota for at least two days, before scaling the high-rise building (the term skyscraper is technically reserved for buildings 40 stories and above) in an attempt to save itself. 

The raccoon’s very real struggle was brought to national attention after the local Minnesota Public Radio station (whose offices are in close proximity to the UBS building) began broadcasting updates on the tiny trash panda’s progress to the rapt anxiety-ridden attention of Minnesotans. 

From there, things quickly went viral as those watching the nail-biting event updates, including those snaps posted by workers inside the building of an exhausted looking medium-sized furry mammal napping on their window ledges in between climbs, cheered the Procyon lotor on in her journey from the relative safety of their screens.  

It all began with a post from MPR reporter Tim Nelson:

The raccoon’s saga made her an instant social media star, even earning her the hashtag #mprraccoon.

Nelson continued to give updates throughout the day as did other Minnesotans:

Everyone wondered why they didn’t get help BEFORE she got up so high…

…turns out they tried but that help backfired.

Folks were REALLY worried about this resilient little critter:

In the end, our trash panda’s adventure was a triumphant one—reaching the rooftop safely, where it was given a celebratory can of cat food and hopefully, only temporary, incarceration.