The New ‘Super Smash Bros’ Game Still Won’t Include A Beloved Character—And Fans Are Not Having It 😡

How do you appease gamers? 

It’s a riddle for the ages, but the reality is, you just can’t. During Nintendo’s E3 press conference on Tuesday, the fun-loving gaming company finally provided more details on the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. sequel. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the largest Smash endeavor that Nintendo has ever taken on and will feature a roster of every prior Super Smash contestant. Yes, even Solid Snake. 

Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough to appeal to fans of the quirky fighting series. You see, Ultimate may feature every fighter ever to enter the arena, but there’s one vital component missing. 

That’s right – Waluigi. Why this is a big deal for gamers actually dates back to before the announcement to Ultimate, probably even further back than the Wii U entry. Gamers have been asking for Waluigi to be included in the roster – and why shouldn’t he be? Mario, Luigi, and the Plumber-in-Red’s counterpart, Wario, are playable fighters.

Waluigi, unfortunately, has always been relegated to an assist trophy. Heck, even Dr. Mario made it past Nintendo’s quality control. Whatever the reasoning is for once again leaving the purple mustachioed fiend out of the fray, Twitter was not happy with the reveal.

One user even pointed out that Nintendo dug the knife deeper into Waluigi’s back by using him during the reveal of some of the game’s new features.

The snub is such a big deal that even the Washington Post covered the story. It’s a story for the ages, apparently.

Twitter’s response to the lack of Waluigi ranges from spiteful to hilarious.

Maybe it’s not Nintendo’s fault, though. As Best Bout Machine (@brooksasanoun) points out, it could just be a personal choice for the tall man.

Hm. That reminds us of a song.

H/T: Twitter