Woman’s Racist Rant Against A Hispanic Couple Caught On Camera—And It’s Becoming All Too Common

In what is becoming a nearly daily occurrence, another racist was captured on video blaming all of her life problems on people of color. With racism going unchecked in the United States for hundreds of years, it’s no surprise that people are still misdirecting their anger at the sad state of their lives on people of color. White people have been conditioned to do this since the founding of this country and many are too ignorant to look deeper at the real problem. 

Instead of placing the blame for low wages and the rising cost of living, on the corporations and a government that caters to billionaires with giant tax benefits, the dismantling of workers unions, and shady Wall Street practices, white people take the lazy way out and blame immigrants for the failing system. 

 Here’s just one more example.  

These videos continue to get a reaction and people try to educate. 

Education only works if the uneducated are willing to listen. 

H/T: Occupy Democrats