Millie Bobby Brown Deactivates Her Twitter After Becoming The Target Of A Fake Story Meme

Millie Bobby Brown, the breakout star of Stranger Things, closed down her Twitter account on Wednesday. 

She follows along with Star Wars actresses Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley who both left Instagram after continuous harassment. Actress and comedian Leslie Jones left in 2016 after dealing with an onslaught of vicious racism. 

Brown, who is an advocate against bullying, is said to have dropped out of Twitter due to nasty messages she received as a result of an idiotic hashtag that sprang up called #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown. 

It all started with an internet lie in November 2017, when @KelsFiona said the actress ripped off her hijab at the airport:

The account for @KelsFiona has since been removed but the hashtag continued to propagate, taking on a life of its own with Twitter user after Twitter user accusing Brown of being homophobic and racist.

There were, of course, plenty on Twitter who called out the hateful bullying:

The good news is Brown still has her anti-bullying @Milliestopshate but it hasn’t been updated in a while.  

Back in December she sent out the following tweets urging kindness. 

 Many of her young fans heard her loud and clear and cheered her on:

This is a sad trend. 

Be better Internet.

H/T: Variety, Mashable