Dog Comes Back From The Groomers Looking Less Like A Dog And More Like…Well, You Decide

Yoriko Hamachiyo is a Japanese dog groomer whose skillz are so mad that he was able to transform a tiny gray toy poodle into what some are saying looks like a sheep or a fluffy round ball. Whatever you make of it, there’s no denying this adorable dog is kawaii come to life.

In the photos, posted on Instagram it’s unclear if more than one teacup poodle is being showcased with this fluffed out do. One of the photos, refers to as Goma (beneath the shot in English) as a “he” and he’s shown in poses (including a BEFORE shot) to prove he is “not fat” but rather at a healthy weight. While in another photo (translated by Google from Japanese to English) the dog is labeled “Baby girl full course.” 

Regardless of whether this is the same pooch or not, it’s the hairstyle itself that has really garnered all the attention capturing thousands of likes and a video that has nearly 46,000 views. 

Check out the cuteness for yourself:



Running free…puffball on the loose!!

A healthy weight!

Guests might mistake this pup for a fuzzy heart shaped pillow if left sleeping on your couch…

Yoriko refers to this as looking like a matryoshka or Russian nesting doll from behind:

Super kawaii!!

H/T: Instagram