Man Goes To Pick Up Wife From Work And Ends Up Thwarting An Armed Robbery

A Delaware man, Ron Eads was picking up his wife after she worked the late shift at a local Walmart. Waiting in the parking lot, he noticed a couple acting suspiciously but didn’t think too much about it until he saw them go inside the building and then heard a shot being fired. 

With his wife inside, Eads got a breaker bar out of his truck and entered the building. Moments later he saw the two robbers and threw the metal bar he was carrying at them. His throw was off but it was enough to spook the criminals and send them running. Eads, a former security guard told the local news:

My adrenaline was going so much I wasn’t even thinking. These two people walked around on the side of the building and one guy had a gun. I heard gunshot and thought ok maybe it’s not a prank.

He admits his aim wasn’t great and goes on to say:

It wasn’t that great of aim but I tried.  I don’t know how it would scare him off. He’s got a gun I got a breaker bar.

The good news it work, although we don’t recommend others try this approach.