Meghan Markle Was Asked About Married Life And She Got Straight To The Point

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, hasn’t wasted anytime stepping into her duties as part of England’s Royal Family. After a world-wide wedding and a short honeymoon to Africa with Husband Prince Harry, Meghan began what will now be a lifetime of public appearances. 

And let’s be honest, a lifetime of answering questions about married life.

On an official engagement to Cheshire with her grandmother-in-law, the Queen, Meghan was asked by a Royal fan about her marriage to Harry.

The Duchess answered:

I’m really enjoying it.

Can’t get more straightforward than that. But for those who were hoping for a bit more, when Markle was asked to bring love back to Harry she lit up…


I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.

This Twitter user managed to capture the conversation on video as Meghan gushes about marriage. 

People just can’t get enough of the newest Royal. 

Meghan may adore Harry, but the people clearly adore Meghan. 

And it seems the Queen does too!

Not only are people charmed by the Duchess, many want her wedding reception dress.

Although the dress might not work for everyone.

H/T: Daily Mail