Natalie Portman Has Some Choice Words About Former Harvard Classmate Jared Kushner

Stephen Colbert had Natalie Portman on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new documentary, Eating Animals. But before she could discuss her project, Colbert questioned Portman about her Harvard days, where she revealed that she was in the same class as Jared Kushner!

She told Colbert that they were, in fact, “friendly.” Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, even attended Portman’s wedding in 2012. 

In more recent years, however, their friendship has ended. Portman equated Kushner to a “super villain.” Apparently Kushner isn’t phased by the insult—he’s said that his loss of friends is “exfoliating.” Colbert jokingly asked, “So you’re a dead skin cell?” to which Portman proclaimed, “Proudly!”

Some thought Portman’s comments were insensitive and inappropriate.

But many others loved what she said and trust that a Marvel-ous heroine like Portman would know a super villain when she sees one!

And of course Twitter always has a few jokes to make.

Watch the full interview to hear the in Natalie’s own words!

H/T – The Late Show/YouTube