Tom Hanks Improvised Shakespeare For Fifteen Minutes As A Medical Emergency Happened In The Audience

Earlier this month, Oscar-winner Tom Hanks returned to the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles to perform in Henry IV as the fat hellion, Falstaff. Falstaff is the primary companion to Prince Hal (son of Henry the IV and heir to the throne). 

Fans were already thrilled to see Hanks play the iconic role. 

But on June 15, Hanks wowed the crowd in a completely unexpected way! 

An audience member passed out during the show, bringing the production to a halt. As the audience grew restless and medics tried to aid the ill theatre-goer, Hanks jumped back onstage and distracted the rest of the audience with improvised Shakespeare. Mr. Hanks remained in character as Falstaff, brought an audience member up onstage, and reprimanded patrons who tried to leave, calling them “scurvy rogues.”

Many people agree that Tom Hanks is one of the greats, as his endless film accolades demonstrate, but this improvisation has been met with a new wave of awe and respect.

From Forrest Gump to Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan to Sleepless in Seattle, and now improvised Shakespeare, Tom Hanks just proved he can do just about anything.

H/T – Twitter