Women On Twitter Are Adding ‘Dr.’ To Their Names In An Empowering Movement

Women are often socialized to take up as little space as possible. This also means underselling achievements and talents. 

In many of the dominant societies, the expected life goal for all women was to get married and have children. This is part of the societally ingrained patriarchy that feminism seeks to dismantle.

That pressure—get married and have children or as a woman you’re a failure—is still felt. And girls are taught from an early age that to be high achieving is to be intimidating or unattractive to boys.

Well, one woman said no more and decided that she should own her successes and hard work.

This past Wednesday, Dr. Fern Riddell tweeted…

Very quickly, other women with doctorates began to do the same thing. #ImmodestWomen (and the offshoot #ImmodestWoman) began to trend on Twitter.

Here are some of our favorites…

Women are reacting to the experiences these women shared with stories and suggestions of their own, even if they don’t have their doctorate… yet.

Dr. Riddell even chimed in with words of support for those using the hashtag and owning their success…

And hopefully someday soon, women owning their accomplishments will be the norm.

H/T: Twitter