Relentless, Creepy Dude Texts The Wrong Number—And Ends Up Regretting It

The interwebs are ripe with stories of relentless men on dating sites, comment threads, and social media platforms pushing themselves on uninterested women they don’t know—often culminating in the much dreaded and highly ineffective dick pic. 

What’s much less common are the stories where the abhorrent bros who treat women this way actually get their comeuppance. 

But in a rare instance of glorious instant karma, Reddit user  u/Th3GreenMan56 (a man, it should be noted—WITH a mustache) not only dealt out the karmic justice simply by being the wrong person at the right time, he also put the supreme dick pic doofus on blast on a recent Reddit thread. 

Something tells us that “Brandon” might just think twice before his next aggressively unwelcome pursuit of a female via text. 

Check out all the delectable schadenfreude action for yourself:

Reddit users were only too happy to delight in Brandon’s misery:

And they had questions…

For some, the simple “No” uttered by Brandon in complete defeat was just what they needed to revive an old classic—the John is Kill meme:

In the end, everyone seemed to be having a great time:

H/T: Reddit