ER Doctor Suspended After Dispute With Patient Suffering Anxiety Attack Goes Viral

Anxiety is real. It can be a debilitating disorder with a range of symptoms, many of which are physical and can prevent a person from living a normal life. But according to a doctor at Silicon Valley’s El Camino Hospital, it’s not something that warrants a hospital bed and any sort of care.

Twenty-year-old Samuel Bardwell admitted himself into El Camino Hospital on July 11th after suffering symptoms of an anxiety attack following a basketball practice. The treating physician, identified as Beth Keegstra, was caught on videotape by Bardwell’s father, Donald, berating the patient, essentially accusing him of faking for “narcotics.”

Donald recorded the incident and shared it on Facebook, showing Keegstra forcefully trying to move Samuel from the gurney with no success. She scolds the patient, stating he was “the least sick of all the people that are here,” further trying to shame him by saying people are “dying” in the hospital. 

The video starts with Donald explaining to the Keegstra Samuel’s condition, stating that his son has been “in and out of consciousness” and vomiting. Coldly, she replies “he’s completely awake and alert right now.”

The physician eventually and begrudgingly approves a dosage of Klonopin, which Samuel has a prescription for but failed to take in the days before this incident. 

In a post on Facebook, Donald states he believes his son was suffering from Benzodiazepine withdrawal and said:

“The physician’s behavior was appalling and they should know better — especially when it comes to Benzodiazepines and Klonopin.”

To the Bardwells’ amazement, El Camino Hospital CEO Dan Woods subsequently released a statement online assuring Keegstra had been removed from the hospital’s rotation. 

The statement explains that the physician was provided by Vituity; Woods reached out to the staffing company and requested Keegstra be “removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation.”

H/T: Mashable, Facebook