Women Are Sharing Eye-Opening Stories Of Strangers Who Saved Them From Would-Be Attackers

In 2016, Facebook user Alexis Tyler took to social media to share a series of stories recalling times strangers came to the aid of women to scare off seemingly predatory men. 

The post received a huge reaction, and even went viral again recently:

The three stories Alexis shared in the post are below:

The thread and comments are another reminder that when something feels off, we must step in. Sometimes just having another person around is enough of a deterrent to send a would be attack in the other direction. Never underestimate the power of being present. 

This led people to share their own stories of being helped.  

There were offers of sound advice. 

They also shared stories of helping others.

It should not fall on only women to look out for other women. 

Look out for each other out there. 

H/T: Alexis Tyler Facebook