Ariana Grande Opens Up About Why Her Relationship With Pete Davidson Is Moving So Fast

It was only just a few weeks ago that Ariana Grande announced she was dating SNL’s Pete Davidson. And before fans could get their heads around that news, the couple snnounced they were engaged. 

Now they’ve moved in together and Ariana has even written a song about her fiance named Pete.

But the Internet being the Internet, the couple received a lot of blowback for getting engaged so quickly, with some prematurely predicting divorce and even accusing Ariana of cheating on her ex-boyfriend with Davidson.

So Ariana decided to break her silence.

In response to this hater:


Grande simply responded:

To which another fan asked Grande a point blank question:

Grande replied:

And people were here for it.

And Pete had his supporters as well.

This GIF seemed to sum up how many of her fans felt:

Good for you, Ariana, you do you!

H/T: Huffington Post, Billboard, Twitter, Instagram