One Of The ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Is A Flat-Earther—And The Internet Is LOLing Hard

In case you weren’t aware, The Bachelorette is still on the air. No, that’s not the news story we’re covering, though it is a bit of a surprise. Instead, our eyes are set on Lincoln Adim, one of the show’s latest dreamy contestants. Handsome with a bright, white smile, Adim has what many people would call “a flaw.”

He’s a flat earther. 

As you can expect, the moment those words left his mouth, the internet had to jump all over it. Flat earthers are the latest punching bags across all social media platforms, even the more vile outlets like 9Gag, Reddit, and 4Chan.

Twitter users likely sprinted to their devices in order to share their disbelief the moment Adim uttered those damning words. Of course, many of those responses are what we’d consider “internet gold.”

Sometimes, the only response that was needed was a snippet of the conversation had between two contestants. Others, however, put their own (likely accurate) spin on Adim’s thought process.

The revelation has elicited the same general response from the show’s audience, but each tweet is a funny look into the minds of many whenever they hear that someone is a flat earther. 

There’s the expected facepalm:

Some variation of “boy bye!”

And, of course, the side-eye of disbelief.

One has to wonder if maybe Adim was chosen because of his controversial belief. These shows thrive off of drama, and you don’t get much more dramatic than when someone admits to believing the Earth is flat.

Though some believe that should mean immediate disqualification.

There’s actually another story being overshadowed by Adim’s admission that he’s a flat earther. According to Warner Bros., Adim lied about a conviction of indecent assault and battery. On a harbor cruise on May 30th, 2016, Adim was accused – and later found guilty – of groping and assaulting a fellow passenger. He received a sentence of one year in a house of correction. 

Warner Bros. states they are looking into the omission and will update once more information is found. 

H/T: Twitter, TMZ