Russian Artist Imagines What Our Favorite Superheroes Will Be Doing When They Get Older ❤️

With Logan, we got a glimpse into the reality of aging superheroes. And it wasn’t pretty. A Russian artist took it upon himself to illustrated several other superheroes, depicting what they would be like as they get on in years, and it’s far less depressing than Wolverine’s final movie.

Lesya Guseva’s Instagram series, “Pensioners,” glimpses into the lives of our favorite heroes, especially those that we would never expect to age. Several illustrations intertwine the Disney universe with Marvel, such as this battle of the mystics between an elderly Dr. Strange and Genie from Aladin. 

Guseva is incredibly talented not just with her hands, but also in the creativity she put into each image. For instance, who would have thought that Thor would grow up to be a woodworker, using Mjolnir to build birdhouses for some blond-haired child we can only assume to be his grandson.

Captain America still squeezes into his uniform to perform acts of kindness, like here, where he’s depicted sheltering Snow White from the rain.

Even in his advanced age, Spider-Man finds a way to make use of his webbing.

Then there’s DC Comics’ The Flash, who is still just as zippy in his elder years, though with a little help.

Even Deadpool ages, but it doesn’t seem to stop his antics.

The artist has an uncanny ability to capture the likenesses of well-known actors and actresses, and her Instagram is an impressive display of artwork that goes beyond the silly aging superheroes. 

She near flawlessly recreated caricatures of Jim Parsons, the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Stranger Things breakout star, Millie Bobby Brown.

Alas, we’re here for the superheroes, so we’ll leave you with one more: a very aged Batman sleeping through the Bat Signal, clutching a Joker doll.

H/T: BoredPanda, Instagram