Chrissy Teigen Keeps It Real With Another Candid Instagram Post—This Time About ‘Vagina Steaming’ ????

Chrissy Teigen regularly smashes the glamorous world of super models and celebrity power couples with her Instagram posts. Lately, she’s been doing the same for motherhood. 

Teigen’s latest Instagram posts are filled with allusions (and pics!) of #asianpearunderwear, breast feeding shots, and all the vagina steaming realness you never wanted to know about mommydom. 

Teigen recently gave birth to her second child with Legend, a baby brother for toddler, daughter Luna, named Miles in May. 

Check out all the fun below:

While others might be shouted down on social media for such honest overshares, somehow Teigen gets away with it. She not only eschews the TMI category but instead continually invites our gaze and leaves us clamoring for more of her goofy all-in-good-fun version of keeping it 100. 

Maybe it’s because Teigen doesn’t take herself too seriously and every post is wrapped in her signature down-to-earth  humor or perhaps it’s because her good-natured personality shines through in every self-deprecating pic. 

Whatever it is—we all seem to like what we see.

Even her husband, John Legend, was recently inspired to share a post of Teigen double pumping breast milk on the go on Father’s Day on his Instagram. 

In the end, what we like most about Teigen may just be that she makes celebrities seem just like us.

H/T: Instagram, HuffPost