Woman Accuses Sony Of Cultural Appropriation, And Gets Shut Down In An Unexpected Way

She may have meant well, but Twitter user Dani Jo probably should have done her research before accusing Japanese company Sony of appropriating its own culture. 

It all started at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 where Sony hired a musician to play a traditional Japanese instrument while dressed in traditional Japanese attire. 

The musician was Cornelius Boots, and yes, he is American and he is white.

But there was more to the story than Dani Jo realized and it all came pouring out on social media. 

It all started with this tweet:

Some people chimed in agreeing with Dani Jo, of course:

But then Twitter user BestMomEva, who says she is Japanese, dropped some serious knowledge.  

Many agreed with BestMomEva’s take:

The whole cultural appropriation debate will rage on, of course, but hey, at least we learned something.

H/T: Bored Panda