9-Year-Old Boy Is Bullied By His Family For Wearing Lipstick—So His Cousins Join Him In Solidarity ️❤️

No matter how progressive we get, bullying will never go away. Many people’s insecurities will lead them to disparage those who are just a little different. A nine-year-old known only as “Little Cuz” was on the receiving end of such bullying one day for wearing lipstick. Thankfully, however, some of his family wasn’t willing to let a bully dictate how he acts, so they rallied behind him in the most supportive way.

When Diksha Bijlani’s cousin was bullied for wearing lipstick, the family wanted to show him that it was okay to express himself in whatever harmless way he felt necessary. So they joined him.

Diksha described Little Cuz as “effeminate” and said he “loves to paint nails, wear lipcolour, and learn home science,” which has made him the butt of many jokes. After he wore lipstick, somebody in the family called him a “chakka,” a word often used as an insult toward trans people.

Though two of Little Cuz’s cousins were female, one of his avid supporters was Diksha’s brother, a bearded, bushy-eyebrowed figure of masculinity. He, too, was proud to don lipstick to support the child who simply wanted to express himself.

Even with his cousins’ support, however, he still faced some backlash from the rest of his family. His uncle, as Diksha explained, called him a girl for wanting to ride his sister’s pink bicycle.

Little Cuz doesn’t stand alone and Twitter users have come forward to show their support, some verbally, others with memes and GIFs, and some with a picture of their own more “effeminate” traits.

H/T: Twitter