Diner Claims His Receipt Had A Disgusting Instruction For How The Cook Should Prepare His Burger

A waitress at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Queens, New York, apparently asked her fry cook for a little something extra on her customer’s burger. 

It happened on Father’s Day, when customer Curtis Mays went out to dinner with his daughter and granddaughter at the easternmost borough Beer Garden. He told ABC7 that:

    [The waitress] was very nice. She comes up to the table, ‘Hi guys, how are you doing?’

Mays then ordered a burger (well-done) with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and mayo on a toasted bun. The interaction went fine and nothing seemed amiss. Until later, when Mays asked the waitress for his receipt before he paid, as his order had gotten a bit “mixed up.” 

But when Mays saw the receipt, he realized he’d gotten much more than an order mix-up; the waitress had requested not only that his burger be well-done but for the cook to “Please Spit In It Too.” 

You can see Mays’s reaction for yourself in this interview with the news channel:

Mays says by the time he saw the receipt he’d already eaten his food:

   I felt like I was gonna throw up.

When news of this hit,ma collective gag could be heard round the web:

But as always, some folks brought the jokes:

And others gave the waitstaff the benefit of the doubt, citing diner lingo:

In the end, Mays says the manager fired the waitress on the spot and gave him a refund.

  He was saying, ‘how can we compensate you?’ I was like, ‘how can you compensate somebody for spitting on your food? I ate this already. 

WABC reports that the manager had never had a problem with the waitress before and that he said:

   Food service is a stressful job, but it was unacceptable.

He then added that he felt it was highly unlikely that a cook actually spat in the patron’s burger, but he understands why the customer was upset.

H/T: Vice, ABC7, Twitter