Man Asks His Girlfriend To Send Him World Cup Updates—And, Boy, Did She Ever ????

Tired of getting the same bland commentary during the World Cup series games? Twitter user lightningstarr (@lightningstarr) may be an outlet you can turn to for the next game.

During the England vs Tunisia match, lightningstarr’s boyfriend asked her to give him updates while he was on his way home.

She did not disappoint.

Through her boyfriend’s commute, lightningstarr provided commentary that was far more entertaining than what was coming out of the actual commentators’ mouths.

Somehow, she captured the essence of the game perfectly without once mentioning a player’s name or the game’s score. Most importantly, she was sure to give pivotal updates on the players’ hair, something we didn’t even know we wanted to hear about. 

She wasn’t the only one paying attention to that feature of both teams, either.

She was sure to mix in important moments from the game, such as a goal scored by Tunisia, but she also didn’t want her boyfriend to miss out on the dramatics that often come with soccer. For instance, we’re sure her boyfriend enjoyed knowing the English player was “sheepish” over his yellow card and that a Tunisian man’s hair was incredibly sensitive to the touch.

Once the tweet went viral, people praised lightningstarr for her spot-on commentary.

Many even requested a return for the next England match-up. Unfortunately, lightningstarr will be mid-flight and unable to provide her golden coverage.

After reaching the States, the brief commentary may have even recruited some Americans into following soccer, a sport that’s not as widely viewed in the United States as, say, football, hockey, or basketball.

You can bet we’ll be paying close attention during the next match-up against England, just in case her flight has WiFi.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter