Michael B. Jordan Just Dragged The Hell Out Of Roseanne During Award Acceptance Speech

Accepting the award for best villain at the MTV Movie Awards, Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan, who portrayed Erik Killmonger in the mega-blockbuster, took a dig at comedian Roseanne Barr. Jordan threw out this zinger saying:

I’m shocked I won this award for best villain. I thought for sure Roseanne had that in the bag.

The comment alluded to the controversy over Roseanne’s racist tweets comparing former Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett to a character from the Planet of the Apes. 

Jordan went on to jokingly beg fans to please stop asking Chadwick Boseman to do the Wakanda Forever pose. 

As far as the Roseanne dig, people approved. 

In addition to Best Villain, Twitter also bestowed upon Jordan, the Best Shade Award. 

One Twitter user imagined how Roseanne must have felt. 

H/T: Buzzfeed