The Whole Foods Instagram Account Was Briefly Following Just Two People—And Now We Know Why

For a short time there was some confusion going on with Whole Foods Instagram account, and that’s just what the company may have intended. A few days ago, Instagram users noticed that the company’s account was wiped clean and it was only following 2 people, Beyoncé and Sting.

Hmmm… what was the connection?

Turns out the little bee emoji was a big clue. Queen Bee + Sting, equals a new campaign by the company to bring awareness to bring awareness to the dwindling honey bee population. Wiping out the photos from their account, Whole Foods wants customers to see what their grocery shopping experience could look like without pollinators. 

Pretty scary, right? Whole Foods has since followed only other users with some connection to bees, the letter B, buzz, sting… you get the idea. In addition they are launching a campaign to further their cause. 

People are getting the message loud and clear. 

H/T: Delish