Vanessa Trump’s Latest Tweet Just Shows How Tone Deaf The First Family Is

In a tweet heard round the interwebs, the president’s soon-to-be-former-daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump shared pics of her kids (their father is Donald Trump, Jr.) getting ready to head off to summer camp —and the Twitter reaction was swift.

And while Vanessa’s tweet has since been pulled down, as Twitter user and ShareBlue Senior Writer Oliver Willis says, “…the internet never forgets.” 

At any other time, Vanessa’s share might seem sweet (a mom saying goodbye to her kids) or at least innocuous— but not when her estranged father-in-law’s new “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy is enforcing family separation, callously ripping screaming immigrant children from their families at the U.S./Mexican border and housing them in cages and on concrete floors in extreme temperatures, far from the loving arms of anxious parents seeking a better life for them. 

Not when most Americans and human rights groups around the world are outraged at this administration’s actions and looking for ways to fight for the lives and well-being of the over 2000+ (and growing) number of distraught immigrant children uncertain of their future. 

And especially not when FOX News‘s Laura Ingraham made headlines recently by referring to the detainment centers that these children are being housed in as “summer camps” and “boarding schools.” 

Instead, in light of all of this, Vanessa Trump’s post came off as:

Tone deaf…


Or maybe something more despicably cruel and heartless.

And many wondered why her version of summer camp scenes didn’t quite align with Ingraham’s:

If Twitter sentiment and historical reference are any indication, the First Family might want to tread carefully moving forward: 

H/T: Twitter, RawStory