GOP Congressman Uses Playgrounds To Defend Putting Migrant Children In Cages ????

Playgrounds have chain-link fences. It’s an undeniable fact. If you drive around your local neighborhood, you’ll likely see playgrounds enclosed in a chain-link fence. Apparently, according to Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), that fact is justification enough for putting children in federal detention centers.

“By the way, chain-link fences are around playgrounds all over America,” the Senatorial candidate said during KTGO’s “What’s on Your Mind” show Wednesday morning. “There’s nothing inhumane about a chain-link fence – if it is, then every ballpark in American is inhumane.” 

Have you ever heard somebody say something and had to stop and process what was they were saying? It’s such a ridiculous claim that you can’t really believe that it was something your ears were just privy to? Chances are, this was one of those moments for much of the nation. 

Cramer was speaking in regard to the detaining of immigrant children when he put a positive spin on chain-link fences. If you thought he was done, he still had plenty to say when he went on WDAY’s Rob RePort show. “Well, chain-link fences have been used to protect children from predators on playgrounds, baseball diamonds. To me, it’s not the chain-link fence. That’s not the issue. That’s a ruse by some on the left to try to create an image that’s far worse in description than it is reality.”

His comments are in response to “people on the left” that were describing the cages children were being kept in as “dog cages.” While we’d like to give him credit for being right when he says the fences aren’t the issue, the reality is, it’s just that they’re not the only issue. Unlike the ballparks and playgrounds he alikens the current living conditions of immigrant children to, the chain-link fences in question are being used to detain, not protect. They also aren’t enclosing green pastures and forms of child-friendly entertainment. 

Looking at the sad enclosures, filled with thin mattresses, a water cooler, minimal seating, and heat blankets, it kind of does have the appearance of a cage for animals. Thankfully, those detained within are able to leave to use the bathroom. At least for now.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah probably had the best response to Cramer’s slightly unsettling comment, calling a chain-link fence “a wall made of silver linings.”  

H/T: Huffington Post