Chrissy Teigen Just Trolled John Legend With An ‘Arthur’ Reference That Is On Point ????

Chrissy Teigen is at it again, this time trolling her husband’s Arthur the Aardvark resemblance. 

Yesterday, in an Instagram post that has now garnered over a million likes, Teigen posted a sweet snap of her adorable daughter Luna playing outside and hugging an Arthur doll close. She captioned the photo simply, “Luna and Daddy.”

Teigen, whose childhood toy Luna is holding in the pic, added in the comments:

Maybe I’ve been attracted to Arthur my whole life and now I found my real life human one. 

Of course, fans had her back:

There’s a long-running joke (well, long in internet time) in the Teigen-Legend household that centers on one fan’s assertion that John Legend resembles a low-key human version of Arthur the Aardvark. 

The main character, a Mr. Arthur Timothy Read, of the eponymous Canadian/American animated educational TV series for children, bears a striking resemblance to Legend.   

Back in February of last year, Twitter user Emily Sowah posted this:

And apparently Teigen couldn’t help but agree with the fan:

Since then, Teigen and Legend have made light of the fact that Legend’s hilarious doppelgänger is an animated aardvark, even doing a commercial for Google Duo that highlights their memeworthy life:

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