Heckler Calls Out “Fascist” Stephen Miller At Mexican Restaurant

Once again, a member of the current administration show that they are completely tone deaf when it comes to the border crisis that is separating children from their parents who have crossed the border seeking asylum within the United States.

A few days ago it was Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who after getting up and speaking to the American people refused to back down from the cold-hearted policy of ripping children away from parents, then decided it was a good idea to enjoy a Mexican dinner at a local restaurant. Seeing her in the eatery, protestors yelled, “Shame, shame, shame.”

Following Nielsen was First Lady, Melania Trump, on her way to visit those same children in the detention centers, and knowingly wore a jacket that read:

I really don’t care, do u? 

Now, taking a page out of the heartless book, White House adviser Stephen Miller decided it was his turn to dine at a Mexican restaurant. We can only assume these acts are on purpose and people are getting the message loud and clear. Upon Miller’s arrival at the restaurant, it is being reported that another customer said loudly:

Hey look guys, whoever thought we’d be in a restaurant with a real-life fascist begging [for] money for new cages?

Sources say, unlike Nielson, Miller didn’t leave the establishment.  This doesn’t come as a surprise as Miller has long been called a white supremacist and racist. 

People are starting to wonder if this is all a planned tactic by the current administration. 

The people are fighting back. 

H/T: The Hill