The Internet Gave Melania’s Tone Deaf Jacket A Much Needed Makeover

Oh dear, sweet Melania. You really should carefully plan your wardrobe before visiting detained migrant children so that you don’t wind up wearing a jacket that says “I really don’t care, do u?” Yep, you read that correctly.

While we try to sift through the First Lady’s latest tone-deaf blunder (remember those stilettos in the flood zone?), we’re going to let the internet take over for us because the response was priceless. Photoshop may be the greatest invention ever because it gives us the ability to laugh through our tears.

In response to Melania’s odd choice of outerwear, people have been posting pictures of other jackets that the First Lady might consider in the future.

The incident has spawned the hashtag #ItsJustAJacket, the conservative attempt at sweeping this whole kerfuffle under the rug. But as a member of the presidential family, you represent the nation. Unfortunately, it is starting to feel like Melania’s representation of the United States isn’t too far off.

People did take to Twitter to sound off on the choice of wardrobe and many people shared a common belief.

Thankfully, the First Lady wound up changing her wardrobe before visiting the migrant children.

H/T: Twitter