Piers Morgan Tries To Mock Reality TV Contestant On His Show–And It Came Back To Bite Him

Piers Morgan has made a career out of being obtuse, but we’re certain he wouldn’t know an obtuse from an acute angle.  

One of his hobbies is picking on reality show stars (despite basically being one himself) and after a long run of blasting the cast of Love Island, a few current and former contestants were invited to be on his Good Morning Britain. Piers, in an inordinately classy move, started throwing math ‘challenges’ at Hayley Hughes. See if you can tell where he drops the ball here: 

He asks her if she knows Pythagoras’ Theorem “to the nearest five places”. Co-host Susanna Reid, who mercifully had had exactly enough of Piers’ smugness, immediately jumped at him with “do you?” and wouldn’t let the moment go until he’d given an answer, which was “3.147”. Not only is that not five decimal places, but it’s not even the right answer to the question he wasn’t asking. 

Pi to five decimal places is 3.14159 and Pythagoras’ Theorem is this jaunty formula that one uses to calculate the lengths of a triangle’s sides. You remember this guy:

Piers’ smug answer put the production staff over the edge, because there was a bit of off-camera shouting: “That’s Pi!” 

The shouting was accompanied with giggling on behalf of the attempted mockery victim, and, much later, the collective scorn of a fed-up internet. 

Seriously, if you’re going to attempt to paint somebody as dumb, do a tiny bit of research first.

And to Hayley’s credit, she was super cool about it afterward, throwing an arm around a visibly disgusted Piers Morgan for a photo. 

And Piers, naturally, was just Piers – chalking up another self-own on Twitter afterward. 

Par for the course with ol’ Piers. 

H/T: Indy100