This Mom Has Proudly Waved The Same Sign At Every NYC Gay Pride March Since 1971 ????❤️

A 92-year-old mother of two has become a familiar face and staple of the NYC Gay Pride march. Frances Goldin has two lesbian daughters. They both came out to her in 1971, so to show her support Ms. Goldin made a sign reading “I Adore My Lesbian Daughters” and carried it for the first time in the 1971 NYC Gay Pride march. The back of the sign reads, “Differences Enrich Us All”. 

In 1993, Ms. Goldin attended The March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. She decided to add a call to action to her, then, 22-year-old sign and wrote “Please Keep Them Safe”.

Twitter is cheering her on.

She has fans around the world as well.

Frances Goldin certainly has inspired other families to show their support.

Happy Pride, NYC! 

H/T: HuffPost