Kangaroo Interrupts Soccer Match By Storming The Pitch, And It’s Peak Australia ????

A stray kangaroo delayed the second half of a soccer (a.k.a. football to the rest of the world) game taking place between two state league teams in Canberra, Australia yesterday and his antics were all captured on video. 

The kangaroo, first spotted bouncing over a low fence and onto the grounds during the halftime break of the Australian women’s soccer match where it jumped around, entertaining spectators before laying down for a rest in front of the goal and delaying the second half of the match by a half an hour. 

Once the match had started, the kangaroo decided to make a return appearance, bounding onto the field during the second half already in play, and chasing players out of its way.

Eventually, the kangaroo was chased off by a shrewd groundskeeper, who gently escorted the roo off the pitch behind the wheel of a pick-up truck, driving slowly, and beeping his horn. 

According to CBS Philadelphia:

  Officials say the kangaroo was unhurt and took off for his natural habitat.

Folks had a good time watching the kangaroo’s antics:

Australians took it in stride, just another day in Canberra:

Some thought the ‘roo should be signed to a team, daydreaming of a kangaroo soccer league:

H/T: Twitter