Uniformed Officer Tried To Shut Down Live BET Awards Pre-Show In Surreal Moment, And Twitter Was Shook

The BET Awards pre-show confused both viewers and guests, as a uniformed man interrupted the live broadcast and attempted to shut it down.

People initially assumed the man was with the LAPD, but he had no gun or belt. Next, people guessed he was part of the security team. But with the badge and patch on his shoulder, he was most likely with the…fire department?

As the man tried to tell everyone to disperse, host Terrence J stepped forward and pointed out they were on live television. Co-host Cassie then mentioned that her father is a firefighter. Cassie’s comment may have seemed like an odd non sequitur, she may have recognized the uniform. 

Whoever he was, he certainly added an element of surprise for viewers at home. 

A lot of people thought it was the LAPD stopping the show. 

While others thought he was private security. 

Anyone who has ever been to a club knows the fire department does not care how much fun you are having. If it’s too crowded, they will shut you down. 

The Fire Marshal isn’t playing. 

Oh, they’re talking about it! 

We just might just not ever understand what actually happened. 

We’ll have to get back to you on that. 

H/T: Huffington Post