New Sex Doll Can Say ‘No’ And Literally Shut Down If She Feels Disrespected Or Bored ????

As if sex robots weren’t weird enough, inventor Dr. Sergi Santos has added a feature that will allow a robot to go into “dummy mode” (that’s not insulting to women at all) and shut down if the robot feels it is being disrespected or aggressively touched. Of course this doesn’t stop the man from having sex with it anyway, but the robot will shut down, stop moving, and passively accept its fate.

Santos added the feature after a bunch of dudes at a tech convention groped the doll. Santos reportedly freaked out and began shouting that his love doll Samantha was “not a f*cking toy.” Ah, he rescued her. As they say, not all heroes wear capes!

If Santos really wanted to give his sex robots real independence and sexual agency, he may have included the ability to administer sharp kicks to the groin area and the resources to call for help.

The sex robot doesn’t have to feel just disrespected to go into dummy mode. It will also shut down if it finds its “lover” boring. One could argue that this new feature is meant to teach men how to properly treat women, but somehow we find that highly doubtful.

The consensus seems to be that if the robot can shut down during sex, its entire purpose is useless. 

There was lots of talk of throwing the uncooperative robot in the trash… just like a real woman.

The idea of a sex doll saying no and shutting down left many feeling extremely uncomfortable.

If this wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, consider that Congress last week banned the import of child-sized sex toys from China and Japan.

Yeah, we don’t see this leading anywhere good. We should probably keep sex between consenting adult human beings. 

H/T: Indy100