Megan Rapinoe And Sue Bird Become First Same-Sex Couple To Grace Cover Of ESPN’s Body Issue

ESPN is making history featuring some of Seattle’s finest pro athletes—super sporty power couple,  Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird.

Bird and Rapinoe, who have a combined total of five Olympic gold medals, will be the first openly gay couple to appear on one of ten covers for this year’s ESPN Body Issue, celebrating its 10th year in production. 

Rapinoe a soccer star for the Seattle Reign (who has been out publicly since 2012) and Bird, a basketball player for the WBNA’s Seattle Storm (who just publicly came out as a gay last summer during her 15th season), told The Washington Post that they do not want 

  to do things and be like, ‘We’re the gay couple.’ 

When asked about the timing (with the political climate what it is) and the opportunity to grace the cover as a couple, Rapinoe told the Post:

…it’s important to come out. Visibility is important.

She told ESPN:

 What better time than when we need to be celebrating things that are different about us and accepting them and trying to understand them better? It’s pretty incredible to be in this moment.

The love was palpable:

Here’s to a day some time soon (*fingers crossed) when, as  Bird told  ESPN:

  …having a gay couple on [the cover], hopefully it just becomes the norm. You want it to not be an issue. You want it to just be, Oh, another couple is on there. You know, I think for us to be on it is the first step in that direction.

H/T: Twitter, The Washington Post