Someone Uncovered A Secret About The Woman In The ‘Distracted Boyfriend Meme’—And It’s Incredible ????

In news-of-the-things-that-won’t-die, the infamous “distracted boyfriend” meme is making waves yet again—this time for a truly shocking discovery.

The latest revelation was made by Twitter user, Ernie Smith (@ShortFormErnie) who first teased:

  Know the girl on the right? I have something to show you, guys.

Warning: Once you scroll down, you won’t be able to look away.

UPDATE: The Twitter thread below has been deleted since this piece was originally published.

Wait for it…

It appears “distracted boyfriend’s” girlfriend is positively stunned when looking at screens—whether she’s all alone—or with someone by her side to share it with.

And hey! Isn’t that “distracted boyfriend” looking shocked, too?

And there he is in the background, as well!

It doesn’t seem to matter what she’s doing—“shocked girlfriend” is always completely in a state of utter disbelief:

Even WITHOUT a screen—SHE. IS. SHOOK.

Of course, Twitter was lit afire with this news and responded with their own takes:

Some were just as shocked as the girl in the photos:

And we hoped she was watching from her screen at that very moment:

But @mononokeSnow was all of us:

H/T: Twitter