Trump Just Took On His Late-Night Host Critics In A Rambling Speech At A South Carolina Rally

Apparently, the truth is much stranger than fiction in this Idiocracy-administration-come-to-life because, instead of focusing on the very important business of the presidency (seriously, he could pick on any one of of his recent disasters to fix: world trade, the stock market, immigration), President Donald J. Trump decided to go all in on late night comedians—including the innocuous and much-beloved Jimmy Fallon.

This time at Gov. McMaster’s rally:  

I mean, honestly, are these people funny? And I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn’t I’d be in big trouble. But there’s no talent, he’s not, they’re not like, talented people.

Trump’s latest foray into pettiness was tipped off by an interview Fallon did with The Hollywood Reporter, where the comedian admitted he regretted ruffling Trump’s hair playfully during a pre-election appearance on The Tonight Show and humanizing him.  

This, of course, triggered an angry tweet from the President who told Fallon to “Be a man!

Fallon hit back to the President’s tweet on his show:

Fallon hit back, tweeting that he would be making a donation to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) in Trump’s name. Then Trump kicked it up a notch at a recent rally for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and began railing against Fallon and his late night compatriots, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. And just to keep it interesting, he threw Arnold Schwarzenegger into the mix again.  

Watch the nonsense for yourself:

And people seemed to notice what the rally was really about:

This seems to be standard operating procedure for Trump though—when he can’t handle the truth, he kicks into verbal diarrhea mode tweeting and peppering speeches and interviews (regardless of  their relevance) with his unique reframings just to get the last word. 

Apparently, the President can’t even pull it together during a run-off that could potentially cost the GOP and a fellow Republican an election.

Here’s the now famously regretted hair ruffle:

H/T: Mashable, YouTube, Twitter