Getty Images Removes Gallery Of The World Cup’s ‘Hottest Fans’ After Sexism Backlash

We no longer live in an environment where the objectification of women is acceptable. The traditional views on beauty and what the general public finds attractive is an antiquated concept that, today, is more insulting than flattering. None of this is a secret, mind you, so it’s really surprising when industry leaders still make a faux pas like listing the “Hottest fans at the World Cup.” 

The perpetrator this time was Getty Images, a world leader in stock photo agencies. In a tweet posted on – and later deleted from – Getty Images’ official Twitter page, the stock photo guru delivered a list of the World Cup’s hottest fans. The headline alone isn’t entirely shocking as one would expect it to be a melting pot of spectators from the World Cup games.

Unfortunately, however, the entire list was nothing but women. Traditionally beautiful women that meet the media-fueled standards that feminists have been railing against for years now. The list of 30 didn’t feature a single man, a strange choice considering attractiveness pertains to both sexes.

The list didn’t garner the best response, especially in the wake of a photography campaign launched by the soccer collective This Fan Girl that intended to fix the perception that female soccer fans are nothing but stereotypical attractive women. 

After Getty Images released the list, Emily Townsend, a spokesperson for This Fan Girl, spoke out in disappointment, stating “They need to do better, because of their size and influence they have a huge responsibility to not perpetuate the toxic male primacy that exists in football.”

In response to the list, Twitter sounded off, including “world famous internet sad girl,” Emily Reynolds.

Getty ultimately deleted the tweet and released a statement that read: 

“Earlier, we published a piece, ‘World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans,’ that did not meet our editorial standards. We regret the error and have removed the piece. There are many interesting stories to tell about the World Cup and we acknowledge this was not one of them.” 

One Twitter user, ConfusedGooner (@confusedgooner), pointed out that the World Cup is far from the biggest offender of pushing the stereotypes of traditional beauty.

H/T: Indy100