Late-Night Hosts Just Colluded Together To Figure Out How To Respond To Trump’s Insults

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and late-night talk show hosts have a very special relationship. They sling insults back and forth, caught in a perpetual loop of “No, you!”

In response to the president’s latest string of name-calling directed at talk show hosts, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien threw together a short skit that aired before The Late Show and The Tonight Show’s monologues on Tuesday night.

During Donald Trump’s rally in South Carolina, he specifically called out Fallon and Colbert, calling them a “lost soul” and “a low life.” It’s not often that late night hosts collaborate for their shows, but Trump has a way of bringing people together.

The trio threw together a quick skit, where they casually exchange the insults that Trump so presidentially used at his rally. As Colbert rounds off another Late Show monologue, “lost soul” Jimmy Fallon calls in, addressing his talk show rival with “Hey low life.”

When Fallon mentions Trump’s rally, stating he said “some pretty mean stuff” about the pair, Colbert fires back with an ironic “Really, that doesn’t sound like him.” As they get into the kind words Trump had to say about the hosts, Colbert conferences in third party Conan O’Brien. O’Brien, who has no qualms about going after Trump on his TBS show, was surprised that “the real estate guy who sells steaks” was in the White House.

It’s a quick but fun skit that continues the uneasy relationship between Trump and the media. Possibly the best part of the humorous response comes at the end when Colbert and Fallon agree to lunch at the Red Hen. 

The Red Hen made headlines for and earned a lot of bad reviews after asking press secretary Sarah Sanders to leave the restaurant. Much like the talk show hosts, the Red Hen came under fire for acting against Trump’s cabinet, as seen on this Facebook post about a limited time menu item being added. 

It’s a toxic political climate, but as the trio of talk show hosts have proven with their video response, they’re not backing down any time soon.

R/T: Twitter