The New York Daily News’s Latest Cover Sums Up Justice Kennedy’s Retirement With Just A Few Simple Words

The New York Daily News just summed up how we’re all feeling at the news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy (a wild card Republican appointed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1988, whose vote was often unpredictable with regard to party lines) will retire. 

Thursday’s cover reads simply: 

   We Are F*#%’D. 

And indeed, we are. 

The 81-year-old Kennedy announced Wednesday that he would be retiring after 30 years of service on the court, at the end of July, leaving many in the U.S. feeling, well— F*#%’D. 

The fear here is that Kennedy’s choice to leave the bench at this particualrly contentious moment in history, not only shifts his own legacy as a “moderate swing vote who could be counted on to support LGBTQ rights (to a point)” it gives President Donald Trump the ability to stack the SCOTUS with a second hardcore conservative Supreme Court justice in just one term. 

Thus endangering or potentially negating many of the strides made in recent years with regards to civil rights, the LGBTQ community, gun control, and women’s rights issues and hampering progress for decades to come.

It was a blow felt round the internet:

Some want to take action…however futile that will be…

The nothing is coming…whereis Falkor when you need him?

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter