Shirtless Man Causes Major Traffic Jam After Scaling A Freeway Sign To Hang Protest Banners

In an apparent publicity stunt by an aspiring rapper, a man wearing only boxer shorts climbed a Los Angeles freeway sign and hung banners saying, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute” and ” Fight pollution not each other”.  The ordeal shut down traffic for two hours, while the man danced, sang and shouted from a bullhorn. He also took breaks to sit and vape while police and firefighters attempted to talk him down.

The ordeal finally came to an end when the man back-flipped off  the sign onto an inflated cushion. He was later identified as 29-year-old  Alexander Dunn, and arrested on charges delaying a police officer, trespassing on state property and failure to obey a regulatory sign.

Dunn’s producer told The Times the stunt was recorded with the intention of including the images in a music video. 

This is not the first time people have used shutting down traffic on Los Angeles freeways as a way to gain attention. In 2010, a local band was fined $40,000 for shutting down traffic on the 101 freeway to perform a “spontaneous” concert. 

Former L.A. County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley says this latest stunt could cost Dunn a significant amount.

If you can establish that the act caused damages, then you seek to get that money back from the perpetrator.

The financial cost didn’t seem to bother Dunn’s producer, who said:

You ain’t poppin’ unless you got haters because the bigger picture is saving the environment and rapping.

H/T: Los Angeles Times